RCP Pipe

Reinforced concrete pipe offers an impressive record of strength and durability, and is the most economical and reliable choice for drain-age materials available today. Our concrete pipe meets ASTM C-443 for flexible watertight joints.

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Pipes are available in:

  • HE (Horizontal Elliptical)
  • Round RCP
  • End Section


Suitable for a variety of applications

  • Storm Drains
  • Culverts
  • Sewers
  • Underground Stormwater Retention Structures


Eastern Supply offers a wide range of sizes (36”, 48”, 60”, 72”, 84”, 96”, and 120” inside diameters) to suit many applications and provide connections for various pipe sizes and configurations.

Circular components, at minimum, meet the requirements of ASTM C-478 and AASHTO M-199.


Straight wall or multiple face wall systems are available. Openings can be provided for single or multiple pipe and opening sizes are engineered to accommodate skewed pipe when necessary. Custom openings can be provided (e.g., rectangular weir openings for storm water management applications).

Pond Risers

Pond risers sized as necessary and engineered for site specific conditions. Care is taken to meet required safety factor for anti-flotation. In most cases, trash racks, anti-vortex devices, and/or orifice plates can be supplied with the structure.

Drop Inlets

Precast concrete tops are cast integrity with access covers and/or drainage grates when required to suit various applications. Eastern Supply offers VDOT Standard Drop Inlets.