Custom Steel Fabrication

Custom Commercial Stairs and Railing

Eastern Supply offers custom railing such as VDOT HR-1 and FCPFM HR-2 designed to meet site requirements. Field measurements and installation provide our customers with a turnkey product.

Aluminum Fence

Eastern Supply offers custom retaining wall railing. Other designs are also available upon your request. We provide field dimensioning and installation for your designs.

Eastern Supply offers Aluminum Fence, standard and custom designs are available from leading manufacturers. Field measurement and installation are available for your residential or commercial needs.

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Light Structural and Miscellaneous Fabrications

Eastern Supply offers a wide variety of structural fabrications.

* Beams * Fitch Plates * Posts * Wash Racks * Grates * Trench Frames * Roof Access Ladders

Take Advantage of Our Complete Steel Fabrication Shop to Meet Your Custom Requirements!

Custom Trash Racks

Eastern Supply fabricates trash racks for your storm water management needs. We offer a variety of sizes to meet your job specifications. In additions, several coatings are available to choose from including painted, galvanized, epoxy, aluminum and stainless steel.

Pond Structures

Our pond structures can be used for many different applications including:

Farm Pond

Sediment Basins

Storm Water Management

Our pond structures are available in different pipe types depending on your requirements.

Sediment Trap

A sediment trap is a temporary device installed on a construction site to capture eroded or disturbed soil that is washed off during rain storms, and protect the water quality of nearby stream, river, lake, or bay.

They are typically installed at the perimeter of a site and above storm drain inlets, to keep sediment from entering the drainage system.

Sediment Basin

A sediment basin is a temporary pond built on a construction site to capture eroded or disturbed soil that is washed off during rain storms, and protect the water quality of a nearby stream, river, lake, or bay. The sediment-laden soil settles in the pond before the runoff is discharged.

They are often used in conjunction with erosion controls and other sediment control practices.