Trench Drain

PolyDrain Trench Drain System

PolyDrain polymer concrete trench drain components have superior chemical resistance, greater strength, lower water absorption, and better freeze/thaw resistance than does Portland cement concrete. Polymer concrete is not degraded by salt, oil, most acids and alkalis, and offers UV resistance. These polymer concrete properties make Eastern Supply’s PolyDrain trench drains excellent for capturing, containing, and transporting surface runoff in any drainage application.

The standard 4 inch (100mm) PolyDrain trench drain system contains both pre-sloped and non-sloped drain channels, grates, frames, catch basins, channel end plates, installation aids, and all other trench drain construction.

By virtue of a smooth interior finish, radius bottom, and built-in 0.6% slope, flow velocities of 1 meter/second (3.5 feet/second) are attained inside ABT PolyDrain trench drain channels even in flat grade conditions.

The higher hydraulic flow velocity and smooth surface reduces debris build-up in the precast polymer concrete drain channels in comparison to cast-in-place trench drain construction.

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TrenchFormer 6” – 24”

TrenchFormer is a pre-engineered, cast-in-place concrete forming system for forming surface drain-age trenches, catch basins, utility chases, and voids in concrete placements. The system includes expanded polystyrene (EPS) form profiles, steel inlay rails, patented no-float legs, grates, and grate retainers. TrenchFormer is available in various width, depths, slopes and trench bottom configura-tions. TrenchFormer replaces hand-forming, heavy materials, keyways and waterstops normally required with trench drains and utility chases.

Its components are made in the most commonly constructed sizes. TrenchFormer consists of 8 ft.(2.4 M) pre=sloped form segments. Former sections are available in a variety of slopes.

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