Plastic Trash Racks

We offer a complete line of structural plastic trash racks and debris cages for storm water management basins and pond structures. We offer a full line of standard sizes and can also customize to fit your specific requirements. The plastic is available in concrete grey. Structural plastic has a cellular core surrounded by integral skins forming a totally integrated structure. Structural molded parts made from structural plastic have a high strength-to-weight ration and have 3 to 4 times greater rigidity than solid parts of the same material of equal weight.

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StormRax can be mounted on concrete structures, plastic and metals pipe. StormRax are designed to withstand the conditions of pond structures– rough handling, high/low temperatures and long term weather exposure. Structural plastic has replaced wood, concrete, solid plastics and metals in variety of applications. Structural plastic racks are a great alter-native to painted and galvanized steel racks for use in storm water ma-agement ponds and general water screening. StormRax provides a structurally sound product with a long lasting, quality appearance.

  • Lighter Weight
  • Elimination of Corrosion
  • Design Flexibility
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Cost Effective