Stormwater Management

CMP Detention and Infiltration

Meet stormwater quantity and runoff reduction requirement


Eastern CMP detention systems store stormwater runoff exceeding a site’s allowable discharge rate and release it slowly over time. Installed below grade, the systems maximize property usage and meet your specific water quantity requirements.


CMP pipe and pipe-arch is available fully or partially perforated to meet your Low Impact Development (LID) requirements. Subsurface perforated CMP infiltration systems store stormwater runoff in the pipe and surrounding stone during a storm until it can be slowly released into the surrounding native soil.


Wide range of shapes and sizes– round and pipe-arch in diameters from 6 to 144 inches with an Array of fittings– tees, wyes, elbow, saddle branches, manifolds, reducers and custom fabrication available

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Dual Wall HDPE pipe underground retention/detention system utilizes subsurface pipe that detains storm water and releases it either through a controlled outlet or holds it until the surrounding soil can accept it. Subsurface retention detention systems use available land efficiently while introducing low maintenance costs and posing little or no aesthetic problems.


The ChamberMaxx corrugated, open bottom arch system allows you to meet runoff reduction requirements by providing economic infiltration. Design your LID low impact development site incorporating this belowgrade system to maximize available land for development or green space. The ChamberMaxx is ideal when you need to maximize storage capacity in a shallow footprint.


DuroMaxx is designed with a smooth inner wall for outstanding hydraulic capacity and provides the properties you can count on for long-term service and performance in the most demanding environments. DuroMaxx detention systems can incorporate a wide range of fittings such as bends, risers, bulk headed ends and inlet/outlet pipe.

Stormwater Management Stormfilter

A best management practice designed to meet stringent regulatory requirements; the Stormwater Management Stormfilter removes the most challenging target pollutants using a variety of sustainable media. The Stormwater Management StormFilter removes the most challenging target pollutants– including fine solids, soluble heavy metals, oil, and total nutrients– using a variety of sustainable media.


The CDS system uses continuous deflective separation to provide you with a uniquely capable product. It effectively screens, separates and traps debris, sediment and oil from stormwater runoff and is an ideal system to meet trash Total Maximum Daily Load requirements

UrbanGreen BioFilter

When large scale infiltration and harvesting are not practical, biofiltration can provide a high level of treatment and partial runoff reduction capability above and beyond traditional designs. Many regulators may favor biofiltration before traditional designs are considered.

The UrbanGreen BioFilter soil media is optimized for pollutant removal, hydraulic conductivity and biological vitality.

The UrbanGreen BioFilter may also include one or more StormFilter cartridges which provide reliable pollutant removal for the portion of the design storm that exceeds the capacity of the biofilter bay.

Filtration and Biological Treatment in One System


The Vortechs system’s swirl concentrator and flow controls work together to create a low energy environment, ideal for capturing and storing fine particles and other pollutants. The Vortechs sytem is high-performance hydrodynamic separator that effectively removes finer sediment (e.g. 50-microns pm), oil, and floating and sinking debris.

UrbanGreen Rain Harvesting

LID strives to eliminate runoff by reducing impervious area and infiltrating wherever practical. If your site has high groundwater, soils with low permeability, bedrock, or other limiting conditions, infiltration alone may not provide enough runoff reduction to meet regulations.

With the UrbanGreen Rainwater-Harvesting System, you have all the components to build an efficient and effective water re-use or runoff reduction integrated management practice.

Below Ground Cisterns– Wrapped Metal, Wrapped ChamberMaxx, Metal, Steel Reinforced Polyethylene

Significantly reduce runoff, even on sites where infiltration is not possible

Preserve municipal fresh water supplies

Eliminate the energy required to move long distance

Eliminate CO2 emissions associated with that energy consumption

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