Surface Drainage

Inline Drains

Heavy duty, abrasion and corrosion resistant, HARCO Fittings Inline Drains are fabricated from ASTM D3034 sewer pipe.

Made to order….specify drain body size, outlet, size and grate.

Field adjustments at the job site are fast and easy. Simply adjust drop height from the drain to the main line.

Drain Basins

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Outlets can be positioned at any angle 0-359 subject to verification.

Heavy duty PVC construction fabricated for superior strength and durability.

Completely custom made….specify body, size, height, outlet (size ,type and location) and grate.

Minimal field adjustments with optional risers.

Inline Drains are used……

  • At the beginning of a drain
  • Entering an existing drain line using a riser pipe and Tee

Drain Basins are used……

  • For a sediment collection point with two or more inlets/outlets
  • When outlets change diameter: pipe type, height, and direction

Perfect Choice For……….

  • Golf Course
  • Parking Lots
  • Recreation Complexes
  • Roadways
  • Government Installations
  • Commercial /Industrial Sites
  • And more……..