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Surface Drainage

Inline Drains & Drain Basins

Drain Basins are used as a junction box when drainage system inlets / outlets change diameter, change pipe type, change elevation, change direction, and allows for multiple inlets or outlets in one structure and for a water inlet and sediment collection point entering a drainage system.

Inline Drains are used at the beginning of a drain line and when adding a new water inlet to an existing drain line using a riser pipe and tee.

The outlet stubs for surface drainage structures are manufactured from PVC pipe stock utilizing a thermo-molding process to ensure a tight pipe-to-structure fit that can meet or exceed the pressure requirements of the ASTM D3212 standard for connections joining drainage pipes utilizing flexible elastomeric seals conforming to ASTM F477.

 Surface Drainage Structures are A Perfect Choice for: 
  • Commercial Developments

  • Schools and Sports Complexes

  • Roadways and Highways

  • Parking lots

  • Government Installations

  • Parks and Recreation Areas

  • Industrial Parks

  • Golf Courses

  • Residential Developments

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