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Corrugated Metal Pipes 

Corrugated Metal Pipes

Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP) is manufactured in a variety of thickness and coatings in several corrugations to provided the necessary strength and flexibility for each job site requirement. Together with lower installation costs than are typical for rigid pipe, CMP is the economical choice.

CMP is unparalleled in its ability to be fabricated to meet demanding site requirements, especially in larger diameters.


  •  Galvanized 

  • Aluminized 

  • Polymer

  • Asphalt - fully coated, half coated, fully coated w/ paved invert


Sizes  6'' - 144''

Shapes: Round or Arched 

Materials: Hel-cor // Ultra Flo// SmoothCor 

 Eastern Supply Carries a Full Line of Corrugated Metal Pipe to Solve Your Run-off Problems 

Hel-COR Pipe 

Helically corrugated HEL-COR steel pipe has over 55 years of proven performance. A wide variety of wall thickness (gauges), corrugations, diameters and pipe section lengths permit a choice of materials to meet specific jobsite requirements. Durability requirements are addressed by wide choice of materials: Galvanized Steel, Aluminized Steel Type 2 and polymer-coated steel.


ULTRA FLO is one of the most hydraulically efficient storm sewer systems available because of its smooth interior surface and longer lengths. Available in Galvanized Steel, Aluminized Steel Type 2, polymer coated and aluminum to meet a wide variety of environmental and service life requirements.

SmoothCor Pipe

SmoothCor is a smooth interior pipe that’s consists of a standard corrugated steel pipe as its structural exterior shell and includes a hydraulically smooth steel liner that is continuously attached to the exterior shell.

Finished Coatings and Steel Grades

CORLIX Aluminum

CORLIX Aluminum Pipe provides a predictable service life of more than 75 years when installed in recommended soil/water environment and is ideal for municipal storm sewers, underground storm water detention systems or any standard drainage project that must withstand corrosive environments.

Asphalt Coated Pipe 

Asphalt coating increases the durability of corrugated steel pipe for prolonged design life and can be used to improve hydraulics.


EASTERN CMP with TRENCHCOAT heavy-gauge polymer coating offers long-term protection for storm drains and culverts. This tough film, bonded to both the inside and outside of EASTERN’s galvanized Corrugated Metal Pipe, serves as a protective barrier-resisting corrosion from acids, salts and alkalis found in today’s storm sewers and culverts.

Galvanized Steel Pipe

Pre-galvanizing is the most widely used and most economical metallic coating for corrugated steel pipe and its protects and extends service life.

Aluminized Steel Type 2 Pipe

Corrugated pipe is fabricated from steel that has been hot-dipped in commercially pure aluminum. Over 50 years of field testing confirm that Aluminized Steel Type 2 corrugated steel pipe offers 75 years or more of maintenance free service life in the environmental ranges of pH 5-9 with resistivity's as low as 1,500 ohm-cm.

Slotted Drain 

Slotted Drain Pipe is a practical, aesthetically pleasing inlet for the removal of surface water on streets and highways. It’s also widely used in parking lots to remove sheet flow without multiple grades or water channeling devices. A trapezoidal or straight-sided grate with reinforcing spacer plates is welded in place to form a 1 3/4”-wide slot opening which collects runoff and channels it to the pipe below.

 Greatly improved flow Characteristics. 

CMP End Sections 

End Sections provided a practical, economical and hydraulically superior method of finishing a variety of culvert materials.

Economical and hydraulically superior end treatment for culvert. 

Structural Plate 

Eastern Supply offers a full line of corrugated steel structure plate products in six basic shapes: pipe, pipe arches, horizontal ellipses, arches, underpasses and box culverts. Each type is used in a variety of installations such as storm drain systems, culvert, stream enclosures, conveyor covers and conveyor tunnels. Structural plate is also used as vehicle, animal and pedestrian underpasses.

Deliveries are scheduled based on your requirements and sent to the location of your choice.

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